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Business Network Installation

Business Network Installation.

The Need

Howard Stross, the owner of Stross Law, contacted VirtualizedIT to discuss a few critical issues with their existing business network. In consultation, we identified three key areas of need and developed a proposal to correct those issues. 

The Issues

  • The current wifi network was no longer functioning.
  • The current network switch had a few dead ports, and the cooling fan was not working.
  • The current Internet Modem needed to be updated or replaced

The Solution 

As it turned out, the wifi had been disabled, presumably during a software update. We installed the latest updates and enabled the wifi service. We implemented enhanced security and reconnected the relevant users. We have discussed updating this equipment to garner the benefits of recent improvements in wireless technology. Improvements include WiFi-6 for faster speeds, enhanced range with mesh networking, and enhanced security.

We installed a new 48 Port professional series network switch to update the network. In addition to replacing the poorly functioning existing switch, we gained higher port speed, network segmentation, power over ethernet, and remote manageability. This new switch gave our customer an excellent foundation for operating their business network.

We contacted the current internet provider and asked them to replace and update the cable modem they provide as part of their service. The new modem allowed additional options for managing inbound connections, enhanced security, and improved monitoring and performance. 

The Equipment

Ubiquiti - USW-Pro-48-PoE network switch

Existing Wireless access system.

‍The Service Providers

Spectrum Business Internet


The Result

In conclusion, modern network equipment has come a long way, providing faster speeds, broader coverage, and better security features. As more businesses rely on the Internet for operations and communication, the importance of having reliable network equipment cannot be overstated. 

It is essential to point out that network equipment manufacturers are intently focusing on security features to protect users from growing online threats. Every business would benefit from evaluating its current network strategy. 

Stross Law now has modern and reliable network equipment, which has improved its operations and security significantly.


"Geoff White with Virtualized IT worked with us to design a new network to accommodate our growing needs. He assisted us in understanding the importance of having a secure and reliable network for conducting our business operations. Geoff personally installed our new network and corrected issues with our current internet service provider.
We look forward to continuing our relationship with Geoff White and Virtualized IT for a long time to come. Geoff is easy to understand and talk with and quite responsive when you need his help. VirtualizedIT's extensive knowledge, excellent service, and reasonable pricing exceed our expectations."

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